10 Best Ps3 Super Slim Blu Ray Laser

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Rank No. #1
Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim Blu-ray Laser Lens KES-850A KEM-850 Deck For PS3 CECH-4xxx CECH-4000 CECH-4001A CECH-4001B
  • Both models KEM-850PHA 4301B and KEM-850PHA 4301A are compatible and interchangeable.
  • Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim Blu-ray Laser Lens KES-850A KEM-850 Deck For PS3 CECH-4xxx CECH-4000 CECH-4001A CECH-4001B
Rank No. #2
Deal4GO New KEM-451AAA Laser Lens Blu-Ray Drive with Deck Mechanism Replacement for Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Super Slim CECH-42xx CECH-43xx
  • Compatible with PS3 Super Silm CECH-4200 CECH-4201 CECH-42XX CECH-4300 CECH-4301 CECH-43XX.
  • If your console is not reading or not spinning the discs, then your laser probably needs replacing.
  • Replaces broken/worn out Laser drive module in PS3 consoles.
  • Installation requires a Phillips and T-8 (M-Tork) screwdrivers (NOT Included).
  • Works only for the drive with single len.
SaleRank No. #3
Gametown BluRay Laser Ribbon Cable for KES-850A KEM-850 CECH-4000 CECH-4001B Super Slim PS3
  • Model:PS3 Super Slim.
  • MPN:CECH-4000 CECH-4001A CECH-4001B CECH-4001C KES-850A KEM-850.
  • Laser Ribbon Cable for KES-850A KEM-850 CECH-4000 CECH-4001A CECH-4001B CECH-4001C Super Slim PS3.
  • Connects Blu Ray Laser to DVD Drive board - for KES-850A laser!
  • Package Includes: 1 x Flex Ribbon Cable.
Rank No. #4
Original Blu-ray Laser Lens KES-850A KEM-850 KEM-850PHA with Deck Replacement for Sony PlayStation3 PS3 CECH-4xxx Super Slim
  • Your games are faster than before to load.
  • Your PS3 is not having any trouble reading certain games.
  • Watching DVDs is no pain owing to flickering screens and jumping scenes.
  • The system did not show any messages "Disc Read Errors" or the disc not appears damaged or dirty on the screen.
  • Sealed with some foam in package box to cause less damage while shipping.
Rank No. #7
New KES-850A Blu-ray Laser Lens Laser Lens KES 850A for PS3 Super Slim 4000 Replacement
  • 100% new and excellent quality
  • Package Includes: 1 x KES-850A Laser Len
  • Specially and precisely design Len for PS3 Super Slim 4000
  • Please make sure that this is the model and product type you need, wish you a pleasant shopping
Rank No. #9
PS3 Super Slim BluRay Laser & Mech KEM-850PHA PS3 SS CECH-40A/B
  • PS3 Super Slim BluRay Laser & Mech KEM-850PHA PS3 SS CECH-40**A/B
Rank No. #10
Halcon Parts PS3 Super Slim Laser BluRay KES-850A KEM-850A CECH-4001A Flex cable
  • PS3 Super Slim Laser BluRay KES-850A KEM-850A CECH-4001A Flex cable

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